St. Petersburg, Florida Tax Attorneys

Ben Franklin famously said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And while the timing of death may be unpredictable, if you earn income, own a business, or are dealing with the estate of a deceased family member, you can count on having to deal with taxes. Fortunately, with the right help, facing your tax filing obligations doesn’t have to be a source of stress.

Tax law is constantly evolving, and it has changed more in the past few years than in the decades prior. State and federal tax law was already complex; with the recent changes to the federal Tax Code, it can be more challenging than ever to keep up with what the changes in the law mean to you.

At John Fitzgerald Correa, PLLC, our attorneys not only have extensive experience with federal and Florida tax matters; we have LLMs (Master of Laws) in Tax. We make it a priority to keep up with developments in tax law so that we can offer you the most up-to-date guidance and the most effective representation. Our advice is designed to help you comply with Florida and federal tax law, minimize your tax burden, and avoid tax controversy. Our goal is to help you resolve tax issues you are facing today and prevent problems down the road.

Legal Help for Federal and Florida Tax Matters

We concentrate our practice in only a few areas of the law, which lets us stay current with developments in the law and offer the practical experience our clients need. Our depth of knowledge in the area of tax law enables us to address a broad spectrum of tax issues, including:

  • Preparation of income and estate tax returns
  • Tax guidance for trustees and successor trustees
  • IRS filings for trusts
  • Estate planning designed to minimize tax burden on heirs
  • Yearly tax “check-ups” for estates
  • Tax planning for businesses
  • Tax filings for businesses
  • Unfiled taxes and filing delinquent returns
  • Tax audit and settlement negotiations
  • Private letter ruling requests
  • Offers in compromise
  • Innocent/injured spouse relief
  • Penalty abatements
  • Resolution of IRS tax liens
  • IRS payment plans

Many areas of the law, such as business law, estate planning, trusts, and probate are intertwined with tax law. It is impossible to effectively plan for the financial security for your family, trust, or business without considering the tax implications of your decisions. John Fitzgerald Correa, PLLC partners with you to provide the tax guidance you need to make the right decisions for the future of your family or business.

There’s a reason that a large percentage of the firm’s business comes to us through referrals from financial planners and other professionals: they know our reputation, our attention to detail, and our commitment to offering their clients the same ethical, experienced service that they do.

Experienced St. Petersburg Tax Attorneys

For most people, taxes are an issue they have to deal with in order to achieve some other goal. Whether you are running a business, planning for your family’s financial security, or administering a trust or probate estate, tax concerns can divert attention and resources from your real priorities—but ignoring tax issues can be costly, leading to significant problems if they are not promptly addressed. The assistance of knowledgeable professionals can prevent those problems from arising.

At John Fitzgerald Correa, PLLC, we lift the burden of figuring out tax issues from your shoulders so that you can focus on what matters most to you: your business and your family. We do more than manage your tax needs; we educate you about what we are doing on your behalf, and why. Tax issues can be complicated, but knowledge is power, and we believe in placing that power in your hands.

Our approach centers around spending time with you to understand your goals and needs. We address issues of immediate concern, and help you plan for the future you want. As your needs evolve, we will be here to help you meet them. Our practice is founded on building relationships with our clients that last for years, even decades. Our aim is to be the attorneys you can trust and turn to any time you have a legal question, now or in the future; we want to be your lawyers for life.

If you have questions about Florida or federal taxes, or need help with a personal, business, trust, or estate tax matter, we invite you to contact John Fitzgerald Correa, PLLC to schedule a consultation.