At John Fitzgerald Correa, PLLC, we are known for our experience in tax, estate planning, and probate and trust administration. While we strive to offer our clients exceptional work in those areas, we also offer a variety of general practice services: help with deeds, notarizing documents, reviewing contracts, and more.

We want our clients to think of us as their “lawyers for life,” the natural place to turn if they have a legal concern. We can often help achieve a quick, cost-effective resolution to a wide range of issues. If we do not offer a particular service, our clients know that they can always depend on us to connect them with just the help they need.


Get the guidance you need to administer a Florida estate in the wake of a loved one's loss. Read More


With LLMs in Tax, our attorneys are equipped to handle even the most complex tax issues. Read More

Estate Planning

We create customized wills, trusts, and more to plan to plan for your family's security and peace of mind. Read More

Trustee Services

The services of an experienced trust attorney benefit the trustee and beneficiaries of a trust. Read More

General Practice

We are available to assist clients with deeds, notary services, business filings, and more. Read More